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What Makes Werkz Holsters So Great

Want to know more?

If you're like us, you research your purchases before spending your hard-earned money.  So, you're looking through our web page, and want to know about why you should purchase from us.  Here are a few points we would like you to consider.

Our products are designed to work!

We believe the holsters we build are as high a quality as any of the major competitors in the market today.  We would put our holsters up against Raven Concealment (RCS), Bravo Concealment, or any other.  It starts with the holster design and carries through the manufacturing process, with everything focused on delivering the product you want with the quality you demand.

We wear our holster designs every day, demanding that the holsters be practical and comfortable.  In addition, we solicit and receive feedback from military, law enforcement, trainers, competitors and armed citizens.  This feedback helps us identify and incorporate improvements in design for better comfort, concealability, adaptability, and reliability.

Our Origin line of holsters starts with an inner and outer shell of .080 thick Kydex.  While it is more difficult to mold in definition, we find this material has enhanced reliability and feel over the thinner Kydex some competitors use.  This allows for us to build in a passive retention mechanism, which means the user does not have to use snaps, levers, or buttons to release the pistol.  A firm draw stroke results in the pistol coming out cleanly.  Another sign of quality, almost all of our Origin holsters have a "snap" when holstering and a clear "snick" when drawing, providing both tactile and audible confirmation that the pistol is holstered.  Our vertical orientation, also known as "straight drop," provides quick access, takes up a minimum of belt real estate, and the orientation helps the user retain the pistol by clamping down with forearms.  The Origin belt loops, available for 1.5" and 1.75" belts, provide secure attachment and adjustable cant or ride height.  Speaking of ride height, the Origin is set to position your grip just above your belt, which helps keep a minimum amount of muzzle hanging down, enhancing concealability.  The Origin is molded to wrap around your and reduce unncessary bulk.  For those who want an adaptable solution, the Origin holsters have a variety of attachments which can be used to attach the holster platform to a backpack, battle belt, IWB, or a number of different places.  Finally, the Origin can be molded for a pistol with a light, providing literally thousands of different combinations that we can mold for you.  With these design elements, the Origin is our number one selling holster, and a great solution for both experienced and new armed citizens.

Our Minimalist holsters are built to be the smallest possible solution for those who want a dedicated IWB holster.  The Minimalist can be built for appendix or hip carry, with the appendix carry option dropping the pistol a little lower.  The hip carry option locates the pistol a bit higher on the belt, allowing a full & proper grip before drawing.  The Minimalist features a single strap with a one-way snap to securely attach the holster to your belt.  Unlike competitor "clip" attachments, you don't have to worry about "drawing the holster" under stress.

Unlike some competitors, Werkz products are molded specific to the exact model of pistol or magazine.  This helps ensure proper fit and "snap in" retention.  Further, most of our products are tested with the actual pistol or magazine before shipping to you.  Werkz injection molds our own belt loops, which provides consistency in size and helps keep your holster positively located.  High quality hardware sandwiches an O-ring between the holster and belt loop, to help prevent loosening.

Werkz attention to detail starts with the design and continues through manufacturing.  While all our products are hand molded to order, we pay particular attention to the finish.  Sharp edges are removed the polished to a shine.  After assembly, the holsters are double-checked for fit, with the majority of holsters test fit with the appropriate pistol model.

With years of refinement to our design and manufacturing process, Werkz holsters exceed competitor products.

We provide short lead times.

Why wait months for your custom holster when you can get all the quality of the other guys with a much shorter wait.  We typically ship within two weeks of your order, meaning you don't have to wait months for that custom holster to be delivered. 

We are small enough to provide personal service.

Werkz is a family owned and operated company located at the edge of the Palouse in Idaho.  Your holster is made by one of our family.  When you call, you will be touch with someone who knows the whole process or can resolve any problem.  We value "made in USA" and source all of our materials from the US where possible.  We mold our belt loops and small parts onsite.

We guarantee all our work.

We strive to deliver value for your hard earned money.  If you're not satisfied, contact us.  We will make it right or refund your purchase price.  Not much more to say here.

We are Christ followers.

As Christians, we are giving of our time and resources to our community and beyond.  We are grateful for your business, and pray we can meet your needs.  We believe Christ condoned self defense, and hope we can help as many other Christians be armed as much as possible.  Thank you for your business... be blessed!



We have been blessed with positive feedback.  Here are some of the comments.

I wanted to let you know that I received the Glock 19 magazine pouch. Very impressive. Great quality and excellent price. In the past I have ordered from Raven, but I have stopped because of the ridiculous wait times for their products (18+ weeks).  J.K., 04/2012

I love your holsters as I wear mine pretty much all the time, and with leather the sweat really screws them up. But with your holsters the sweat doesn’t bother them or get through to the gun.  C.C., 10/2012

I recieved your package today! I really like the Shield holster, I've needed one for a while now. The mag pouch is great as well.  B.G., 10/2012

Awesome job! It fits soooo nice and is very comfortable! I love it, thank you!  M.B., 02/2013

I have a Werkz holster for my G17 w/TLR-1 that I have had for over a year now and I still love it. I use it almost every day.  A.G., 02/2014

And I'm really digging the holster. Love the look and feel of it during the draw and reholster. The retention is just right.  J.H., 04/2013

We compared yours to a Raven yesterday as well, yours wins in all areas  K.V., 04/2013

I love that new holster, and so does everyone I show it to.  J.R., 04/2014

My wife recently bought a holster from you and has been super impressed with it.  M.W., 04/2014

I do love your holsters, and I will take this with me to my Haley Strategic class, without question. It’s an awesome holster and I am very pleased with it. It saw hard dirty use yesterday and held strong.  L.S., 08/2014

Thanks so much for the awesome gear. My wife loves her Glock 42 holster and mag pouch.  D.J., 10/2014

I love where it [Origin holster for the Sig Sauer P224] sits, even under a light t-shirt you cannot tell it is there.  K.G., 11/2014

As always, you do fantastic work, and I'll definitely use you for my custom kydex needs in the future, as well as highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for kydex!  T.M. 10/2014

Love the holster for my g27!  M.H., 01/2015

I bought one for my Glock 19 from Sharp Shooting and love it!  G.B., 01/2015

Received the holster today for my HK VP9. I am very happy with it. Excellent workmanship, good quality materials and it fits the pistol like a glove. All this and received in a timely manner also.  M.R., 03/2015

I recently purchased a trigger cover for my Glock 19. I love it. You shipped it promptly and it arrived in perfect condition. Thanks and anything else I need that you sell I will get from Werkz.  M.T., 04/2015

Shan, the holster is a perfect fit. Thanks!  P.S., 08/2015

I just saw your beautiful handy work holster you did for <my friend> this weekend.  We both got the same color type unknowing.  We both really like the holsters and they look so cool!!  T.G., 10/2015

Y'all are soooooo much faster than other manufacturers.  W.M. 10/2015

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to "play" with your knife sheath. I received it yesterday and started checking it out as soon as I got home. My first impression is that it is a very well built piece of kit. The retention on it is just right. The blade locks in with an noticeable "click", and must be pulled out with a slight amount of effort. This ensures that the blade will not fall out becoming lost or damaging you, itself, or your other gear during heavy activity or movement.  J., 11/2015