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Use of Werkz Ltd. Mag Pouches

Care of Mag Pouches

Just like our holsters, mag pouches can be washed inside and out with cold water and mild detergent. 

Wearing Mag Pouches

Generally, mag pouches, whether single or double, go on the reaction side (not strong side), with bullets facing forward.  We prefer ours directly opposite the pistol (i.e. just behind the point of the hip).  If we're at a class and carrying 4 magazines, we will carry them as far forward as possible.  Due to the way our holsters are made, the doubles take up less belt space than singles if you're trying to load up. 

For those who prefer bullets rearward, you can simply order the opposite hand pouch.  Thus, if you are a right handed shooter, but prefer bullets rearward on your reaction side, you would select "Left" as "Strong Hand" when ordering a pouch. 


Our magazine pouches have retention set at manufacturing, and we recommend not changing the tension at home.  If for any reason your pouch isn't at the correct tension, please contact us and we will remedy it.

Belt Loops

Our mag pouches do not generally allow any change in cant.  You may, however, utilize our IWB J-Hooks to turn an OWB pouch into an IWB one.  Simply remove the screws and belt loops and replace with J-Hooks.  We generally hold our J-Hooks on with a single screw for IWB applications.