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Training with Chris Costa

Early in 2012, I had a chance to take my second class from Chris Costa.  This was his 3-day Handgun Employement class outside of Boise Idaho.  The class was a great chance for me to try out our gear in some pretty harsh conditions.  For my primary pistol, I brought a Benny Hill built 2011 (double-stack 1911) in 38 super.  For holsters, I brought lots of Werkz gear, including a custom OWB holster and two double mag pouches.  Given the large capacity of the pistol, and the fact that I had two double mag pouches, this meant that I had around 90 rounds on me when fully loaded.


The class was lots of fun, even through the rain and mud.  My pistol performed admirable, with only a couple malfunctions -- a mag follower jammed due to the mud in it, and I had a failure to fully insert a magazine.  Given some of the other failures I saw on the line, I felt this was pretty good for a competition built pistol.  Our holsters performed flawlessly.  They withstood being stuck in the mud, being fallen on during the drills, and having dirty equipment jammed into them.  I was even able to provide a few holsters to folks in the group for their pistols. 


Chris loaned some of his equipment out to others during the class.  As a result we had the opportunity to provide him with a STI framed 45 and Werkz holsters.  Unfortunately, this pistol shot high due to needing a lower rear sight, and one of the magazines failed.  However, the holsters we provided worked great.  Thanks Chris for a great class and for letting us post pictures of you using our equipment!

Chris Costa wearing Werkz Holster