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Use and Care of Werkz Ltd. Holsters


If you ordered a standard OWB holster or mag pouch, it comes with 1.5" belt loops.  These belt loops will fit common belts properly.  However, if your belt is particularly stiff or if you have a 1.75" belt, you may wish to purchase optional 1.75" belt loops, which are often listed in stock.  If not listed, please contact us via email so that we may ensure we get you what you need.

Care of Holsters

Our holsters are made out of Kydex, which will stand up to a large amount of abuse and still function properly.  Kydex is not prone to wear your pistol's finish any more than leather or nylon.  The enemy of your pistol's finish is dirt, sand, and dust.  While all holsters will wear your finish, one advantage Kydex has over other products is that it can be properly and completely cleaned.  Simply wash in your sink with a mild detergent and cold water (hot water can cause your holster to lose some of its form), and you will reduce the amount of wear on your pistol's finish.  Do not wash in your dishwasher because it uses hot water.

Holster Service Temperature

We use industry standard Kydex, with most products using a thicker .080 Kydex.  This product is listed by the manufacturer of having a maximum service temperature range of 150-170 degrees.  This means that your holster may start to lose its shape if it reaches 150 degrees or more.  This includes many common circumstances, such as leaving your holster on your car's dashboard, or putting in the dishwasher to clean.  It is considered destruction of your holster if it has lost its shape in this way, not normal use.

Adjusting Holster Cant

While we wear our holsters "straight drop" (i.e. no cant), some people do find that the butt of the pistol prints more when sitting in this configuration.  This is where adjusting the belt loops to have the rear side at the holster to the bottom setting, and at the front side of the holster to the upper most set of eyelets.

Most of our holsters have multiple eyelets allowing for you to adjust the cant of your holster on your belt.  This is simply done by removing the chicago screws, repositioning the belt loop, and reattaching the chicago screws.  Simply use your finger on the smooth side of the chicago screw to apply pressure and prevent it from turning when removing or reattaching the screws. 


We prefer to wear our holsters on our strong side hip right behind the front point of the hip.  This often means threading the belt through our pants all the way to the rear, then threading through the rearward holster belt loop, then through the strong side pant loop, and through the second holster belt loop, then through the pants as you would normally do.  This effectively "sandwiches" one pant belt loop between the two holster belt loops, which helps prevent the holster from moving around too much during the day.

Adjusting Retention

We ship holsters with a light amount of retention.  This usually means that if you put a pistol into the holster, turn it upside down, and shake it, it will usually fall out.  We have found that light retention allows a proper quick draw without pulling our belts above our head, but still keeps the pistol securely in place during running, jumping, or even falling down.  However, if you wish to change the retention of your pistol, you can send it to us or let us know at ordering time.  If you wish to adjust retention at home, you can do so by making sure your pistol is unloaded & place it in the holster, then heat the trigger guard area with a heat gun.  As soon as the Kydex begins to give, either press in and around the front of the trigger guard area (more retention) or draw the pistol out a few times (less retention).  Note that heating your holster is a tricky process and too much heat will make the holster soft and lose its form.  It is recommended you send your holster to us for adjustment.  See the note above about maximum service temperature as well.