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Using Accessories with your Werkz Ltd. Holster

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Carry

We aren't experts at IWB carry here at Werkz, almost always preferring the comfort of carring OWB.  However, if you wish to hear our thoughts on IWB carry, here they are.

IWB Strong Side Hip

This is similar to our normal carry position for OWB, but obviously inside the pants.  We find this uncomfortable, especially when driving.  It does have the advantage of being in a similar spot to normal OWB carry.

IWB Appendix Carry

We have seen people carry at the appendix position, including Costa with his HK.  The owner of Werkz carries a Springfield EMP in this position often during the summer, and found it surprisingly comfortable.  He has found that it prints even less than hip carry.  Keep in mind that he is a fairly thin guy, so he doesn't have his winter reserves pushing his pistol out.  Most people seem to be looking for a bulge on the hip if they think you're carrying, but seldom can find the pistol even knowing he carries.  Draw is fast, and it really doesn't dig in much.  He first made a holster without offset wings.  Grip was a bit less sure because the hooks interfered with getting a great grip where he had the pistol positioned.  He then did an offset wing off the grip side, and it helped greatly with getting a repeatable grip.  He first used over-the-belt hooks (which are easier to make, and are easier to put on), but found that sometimes the holster worked its way up.  He then made J-hooks, and reports that they hold the pistol in place better.  He found that with a Wilderness tactical belt, his hooks can go OVER the first layer of belt, then bring the belt back and hook the hooks under the second layer -- this provides both support of the weight of the pistol, as well as positively prevents the holster from getting pulled up/out on the draw.  You CAN put J-hooks on a regular OWB holster.  Look for a future product that is IWB Appendix Carry specific, which has less overall material and provides a good grip and draw.

IWB J-Hooks

To replace the OWB belt loops with IWB J-Hooks, simply remove the belt loops.  To prevent the smooth side of the chicago screws from spinning, apply pressure with your finger.  When positioning the J Hooks, we tend to like to use the top most hole on the hook with the bottom most hole of the holster.  We typically hold the J-Hooks on with one chicago screw per side; the hooks usually don't need to be prevented from moving side to side.  Try it, and if it doesn't work, you may change it.  If the J-Hooks protrude too low, you can cut them off with scissors and clean up the edge with sandpaper. 

To tuck your shirt in, you simply